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Mozambique Safety Tips

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Safety tips when travelling and staying in Mozambique:

Although Mozambique does not pose a high crime rate, safety is still important when travelling and staying in a foreign country. Below are few safety tips:

  • When travelling and staying over in Mozambique, remember to lock all your car doors when you leave your vehicle.
  • Keep all valubles in a safe place when you leave the premises you are staying at.
  • When site seeing and touring, make sure to keep the valubles you are carrying close by.
  • Avoid driving at night.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Drugs are illegal and do not be tempted by offers what so ever.
  • There are no shark nets, and in any situation, always keep an eye on your children when bathing.
  • Stick to the rules and obey all signs to avoid the obvious inconveniences when breaking the law.
  • Beware of con artists and do not accept bribes.
  • Do not go off the beaten track as Mozambique is known to have undetected landmines from its past civil war in isolated areas.
  • Some areas are very protected and photo's aren't alowed.
  • Some beaches are protected and 4x4 are not permitted.
  • Respect the locals, their community and do not litter
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